Development & Pitching Workshop with Bridget May

Bridget May

Bridget recently worked at Screen Territory form early 2015 to March 2018, where between 2016 – 2017 she ran the Northern Territory film agency for a year. Bridget has moved into the producing side of the screen industry and is expanding her capabilities in that area. She has built up her knowledge and skills by working as an attachment on several projects. She has worked as a Production Management and Post-Production Supervisor with Brindle Films, over their slate of projects.  This includes running writer’s workshops for two upcoming drama series. Bridget has over 20 years as a dynamic manager with extensive experience within the public and private sector. She is also known for significant strategic and governance work and is a confident strategist capable of developing innovative plans and activities designed to facilitate competitive growth.

The Workshop

Bridget will take you through the different stages of development from the initial concept to post production and deliverables.  She will go through the reality of how complex any story is and how long it actually takes to write before you even think about producing it (you can’t smash a story out in a weekend, it always shows).  There is no one size fits all with screen so how do you do it?

This is followed with Bridget giving some tips and tricks for pitching your project with a hand pitching workshop to help people hone their skill.  Remember, pitching is used more than just for a project and no matter where you are, you can always learn something new.

Here is a rough break down:
  • The different stages of development for screen, from initial concept to post production and deliverables
  • The complex reality of developing a story (no standard recipe, but there are certain things to aim for) and how many years it takes – yes, years!
  • Use the programs that work – don’t fudge it in word
  • Pitching: Why is it important and how to do it easily, now you do it!

To register your interest in pitching your story, email Blandine: