DIFF Code of Conduct for Spark Filmmakers

DIFF Code of Conduct For Spark Participants

1.   With Members of the public

Keep in mind at all time that the nature of a shooting may attract the curiosity of members of the public. Crew and cast must act professionally and courteously at all time to ensure any association made with DIFF doesn’t impact it negatively.

Respect social media etiquette when promoting the production on social media.

Respect public spaces by avoiding littering and blocking public access without notice.

2.   With External Stakeholders:

Notify entities who may be affected by the production (neighborhoods, shops, etc)

Comply with commitments taken by the production (verbal or written)

Try and keep written records of all agreements made for the production (at least emails)

Be courteous and professional at all time with production stakeholders when undertaking production activities.

When on set, take extra care to not damage premises and leave the place cleaner than you found it.

3.   With the cast and crew

Respect the role of each crew member;

Have all crew members agreements in written records;

Pay your crew and cast

Feed your crew and cast

The producer must not receive any remuneration unless all accounts are already settled (including crew wages, transport and meals).

Treat every crew member with respect and make every effort to keep an enjoyable atmosphere on set. Endeavour to work as a team.

4.   With DIFF and its sponsors

Do not make any commitment or statement on behalf of DIFF and its sponsors;

Respect deadlines and respond promptly to emails;

Be truthful and transparent in all communications and statements regarding the production;

Whether it be in behavior or speech do not deteriorate the reputation of DIFF nor its sponsors.