Best of Territory Shorts

8.30pm Sun

Indigenous Visions

Directed by Danielle Maclean, Terrah Guymala, Nic Lachajczak, Dylan River

Discover some of the best new shorts, made right here in the Territory

Carry The Flag (d. Danielle Maclean)

There is a rich and powerful story stitched into a few pieces of coloured fabric of a man whose design created meaning for a nation of people once invisible to the mainland of Australia. Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the creation of the Torres Strait Islander Flag as we journey into the Straits with Bala B to uncover and honour the life and times of his late father – Bernard Namok Senior, the flag’s creator.

The Greedy Emu (d. Terrah Guymala)

This songline runs from Croker Island to the Katherine region and takes in central western Arnhem Land. It is the story of Emu as an old woman, her greed in not sharing food with her grandchildren, the way they tricked her out of necessity so that they could eat food themselves, her revenge on them by hurling a throwing stick at them, and the way it comes back to lodge in her throat, precipitating her change into an emu, and the transformations of her children into different birds.

Bakala (d. Nic Lachajczak)

Steve (Bakala) Wurramara first noticed signs of Machado Joseph Disease in his late teens and has spent his entire adult life challenging the progressive effects of this cruel disease. Driven by a desire for a better future for himself and his family, Bakala is searching for a cure. He explores the land and the sea of the Groote Archipelago, making balms from plants, trialing bush medicine and using ceremony in the hope for an answer.

Finding Mawiranga (d. Dylan River)

After years of haunting silence, Tom E. Lewis returns to his Grandmothers’ country, seeking the permission of Lawmen to learn Dhumbul, the Morning Star ceremony. With his family’s blessing, and the spirits and stars as his guides, Tom prepares to sing his way to the mysterious Sandy Island Mawiranga.

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