Pop Aye

7.00pm Wed

Asia in Focus, Comedy

Directed by Kirsten Tan


A road movie, set in Thailand. It tells the story of Thana, a disenchanted architect, who bumps into his long lost childhood elephant, on the streets of Bangkok.

Dissatisfied with his current life in the city, Thana takes his elephant on a road trip across the country, in search of the rural farm where they grew up together.

A voyage of self-discovery unfolds aided by a host of characters: from a pokerfaced policeman, to a crematorium monk to a lonely karaoke singer.

An offbeat road movie across Thailand
with a touch of the surreal.

Maggie Lee, Variety

Birch Carroll & Coyle Cinema - Darwin City

104 mins
Thai with English subtitles
Comedy, Road Movie
Big Screen Award
Rotterdam International Film Festival