SPARK 2018: Winners Announced!

Congratulations to 5 terrific short film projects supported by the Spark Film Initiative!

(list in alphabetical order)

“Arrears” produced by Madelon te Lintum (ind.), written and directed by Wilf Watson.

a humorous story about a man struggling in a mad world. A world where oxygen is a commodity and corporate interests unethically rule over human rights. A world where losing one’s job to artificial intelligence is the norm. And a world where forgetting to pay bills on time can be fatal.

“Rite of Passage”, produced by Tiffany Manzie (global headquarters), directed by Andreas Heikaus, written by Grace King.

Three Australian teenagers hear a ghost story about their hometown. They decide to test their courage and try to summon the spirit of the ghost. Not knowing what they have done, they tease each other to their doom.

“Spectrum”, produced by Gaia Osborne (Undergrowth Productions), directed by Tim Parish, written by Phil Denson and Tim Parish.

A young autistic child is implanted with a SPECTRUM app called ‘Gadget’ to aid a normal life. Flash forward 10 years -Ari & Gadget discover the world is run by machines mining DNA. Together they find a solution. Ari learns that emotional bonds make humanity more complex than machines.

“Sunset”, produced by Lydia Gawa (ind.), written and directed by Jane Hampson.

On her 89th birthday, INGRID, a frail, wheelchair-bound woman suffering Alzheimer’s is left alone on a beach by her carer, who sneaks off to meet her boyfriend. A passing musician — heartbroken and homeless — tries to steal a piece of INGRID’S birthday cake, but something about her vulnerability reflects his own state.

“You do you”, produced by Joseph Baronio, directed by Lexie Gregory and Thomas Midena, written by Lexie Gregory.

Mickey’s having a tough time being herself. She’s fed up with her annoying brother, had it with a condescending boy at school, and all the men who just push her around are plain rude. Instead of just daydreaming about the perfect comeback, Mickey’s overactive imagination gets the better of her.

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