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Spark 2018

Project Submissions Guidelines

To apply, you must:
  • Reside in the Darwin Region;
  • Own the right to produce an original screenplay (either because you’re the writer or you obtained this right).
  • Be willing to sign a grant agreement and successfully complete the production of the project over the months of June, July and August 2018.
  • Have a director and producer attached to the project.
About the key creative team:

The key creative team associated with the project includes the Writer, the Producer and the Director. The same person cannot be both Director and Producer, but either or both can be the writer(s).

This initiative aims at supporting “emerging filmmakers”, therefore the key creative team may only include one person with substantial professional film or television experience as director or producer. If no one in the creative team has this experience, then an Industry mentor with such experience must be attached to the project.

Note: When assessing applications, the jury will consider (amongst many other criteria) the strength of the project’s main personnel, and their likely ability to carry out the project. Attaching an Industry mentor to the less experienced crews will therefore increase their chances to get selected.

Documents to attach to the application:

Submission Form

Screenplay one page intro:  Title + logline + short synopsis + draft #

Full screenplay: Minimum 5 pages, maximum 10 pages

Director’s statement: Must provide an interesting vision as well as demonstrate an understanding of the director’s role and cinematic language.

Producer’s statement: must clearly outline the development strategy and status, and demonstrate an understanding of challenges and opportunities associated with their project.

Mentor letter of support (if applicable, see above): a Mentor must be attached to the project if no one in the key creative team has any substantial experience in film/TV.

Full list of current personnel: Minimum writer, director, producer.


Other crew members, cast, Show reel, CV, credentials, Development plan, budget, production schedule, mood boards, etc.

When making their decision, judges will consider the following criteria:
  • Production feasibility: development status, team coherence, credentials, understanding of challenges ahead.
  • Artistic Potential: Quality of the screenplay and of the director’s vision.
What do I need when submitting my project?
  • Have your attachments ready (at least a screenplay, director statement and producer statement),
  • a draft budget, and funding plan (to help fill the form).
  • Current crew information.
How long do I have to submit my project?

Submissions closing date: Sunday 13 May. More key dates on the Spark Initiative here.