360º Cinema Masterclass

4.15pm Sat

Presented by Warik Lawrance, Digital Production Designer for the Melbourne Planetarium (Stories in the Stars).


Traditional planetariums have been around since the 1930s. Making use of a specialized ‘star projector’ to recreate the night sky, this technology remained almost unchanged up until the mid- 1990s. Then projector technology developed to the point where a seamless image could be created to cover the entire dome of a planetarium. Suddenly the immersive world of Fulldome film came
into being. As planetariums worldwide continue to embrace the new frontier of fulldome the inevitable collision of narrative cinema and immersive reality has called out for a new screen language. Warik will examine the development of fulldome technology as well as its parallels to traditional film making.

Warik Lawrance is the Digital Production Designer for the Melbourne Planetarium. The Melbourne Planetarium is the only fulldome production house in the Southern Hemisphere, creating and distributing award winning films to planetariums throughout the world. Since 2005, Warik has worked as a 3D animator, designer, director, compositor & editor on eight fulldome films. Prior to working for the Planetarium, Warik spent 15 years in the Melbourne film industry. This experience allowed him to bring a much more cinematic approach to the planetarium.

Darwin Waterfront

60 mins