Director’s Masterclass with Garin Nugroho


Tuesday 17 April, from 6:00 pm

Come along to this free event and learn from multi-award-winning Indonesian filmmaker Garin Nugroho. Garin will spend some time discussing his work as a director, through specific examples, going through his methods, processes, and challenges. He’ll then engage in discussions with Darwin emerging film-makers, and film buffs.

Biography: Garin was born in Jogjakarta, graduated from the faculty of film at Jakarta Institute of Arts and faculty of law at Indonesia University. Garin is considered as a pioneer for the new generation of the 90’s. His films have made their way to various films festivals, such a Cannes, Venice, Berlin and won numerous awards. Garin began his film career as a critic and documentary maker. His works explore the fabric of social issues, culture and politics of Indonesia.

His prolific contribution to world cinema and art goes beyond his feature credits, with other works such as music videos, theater, art installation, book of cultural communications, news articles, and even established two film festivals: JAFF (Jogja Netpac Asian film festival) and LA Indie movie.

Garin is one of the most important Southeast Asian filmmakers of our time, having negotiated the complexities of his nation through the language of film. He is the recipient of the President Habibie culture award, the French honorary decoration of Chevalier de l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres, and the Stella D’atelerie Cavalerie award from the Italian government (Stella D’Italia Cavaliere).

Capturing  the love for his country and Javanese culture, Garin’s films possess an undeniable poetic and reflective quality that resonates strongly with audiences, gaining critical attention at home and international festivals.

His latest works, Satan Java (black and white silent movie with Gamelan live orchestra) and A woman From Java (one-shot film, 90 minutes) and dramaturgy in Rianto’s choreographed work called “Medium” have been traveling on a world tour since 2016.

Mayfair Gallery

120 mins