Drone Workshop

1.00pm Sun

Let your photography take flight – the sky’s the limit!

As the drone sails upwards a whole new landscape is revealed in a simply awe-inspiring way. Shooting from a drone gives the adventurous photographer an unprecedented opportunity to capture the landscape from a bird’s eye view.
Filming with drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, is really in-demand.
The focus on this session is on the specifics of using UAVs for effective video – both technical and creative. It is suitable for you if you want to capture moving images for broadcast, commercial or surveying. You will be encouraged throughout the session to think about how you can use UAV filming in your work. There will be lots of opportunities for you to ask questions about your work.
You’ll have the chance to see each component of a UAV film set-up and find out how it works. We’ll cover the basics of Civil Aviation Authority requirements as well as where and when to apply for licenses and permissions.
You will also take part in an overview planning exercise, this will cover factors such as wind, height, obstacles and the creative outcome of the filming.
Live flight demonstrations, feeding live video back to in-house screen/s

Deckchair Cinema

120 mins