Large-Format Projections and Projection Mapping

10.00am Sat


***Due to Nick Azidis working on the Cinema360 Dome thoughout its delayed opening, this workshop has been rescheduled to SATURDAY 23 SEPTEMBER, starting at 10:00 AM. We apologise for any inconvenience.***


Join projection artist Nick Azidis for an introduction workshop to large-format projections and projection mapping. Learn about the foundations of designing projection works to suit diverse art, also cultural and events industry projects.

The workshop is aimed at assisting visual makers, events managers, artists and designers who want to take projection art into their own practice, or you might just want to learn all about the art of large-format projections and mapping.

NICK AZIDIS is an Australian born new media artist and projection illusionist specialising in large-scale projections, in both digital and analogue mediums, and has compiled a diverse body of work over nearly three decades as a producer, content developer/creator and technician. Nick is interested in storytelling and creating eternal memories and changing viewer’s perceptions through his work, through image and light. Nick has delivered projections for the Gertrude Projection Festival, Geelong Christmas program, Melbourne White Night, ANZAC centenary on the NGV, Melbourne International Music Week, Melbourne Biennale, and Australian Open Tennis championships.

Nick is the Artistic / Creative and Managing Director of PROJECTIONTEKNIK, that was established in 1992. Since that time, his artistic investigations with projection have resulted in the creation of more than 1500 projection installations that create distinctive moods, atmospheric transformations, nostalgic and abstract forms. With 25 years of projection experience, Nick Azidis gains his original artistic inspiration from the streets and buildings of Melbourne city itself. Azidis creates aesthetically beautiful pieces that transform a viewer’s perception of their surroundings, with a blanket of luminescent designs.

Charles Darwin University Business School

60 mins