Screenwriting Masterclass

10.00am Sat

Presented by Philip Tarl Denson, Sreenwriter / Performer. Open to all / Limited Seats!!

Have you got a great idea for a movie? Are you writing a screenplay and want to brush up on your craft? Then don’t miss this opportunity to work with the Territory’s own Philip Tarl Denson to build your skills and understanding of story structure. Open to all, This workshop will help both experienced and aspiring screenwriters by exploring the fundamentals of writing for screen.

The masterclass is broken into two sessions over one jam-packed day. The first session will introduce and explore Story Structure using examples from well-known stories to demonstrate the ‘universatility’ of story structure. The second session will apply the SCOPE method to the participant’s particular project or idea forming a logline and 5-point breakdown for the story.


Philip Tarl Denson is an award-winning screenwriter and script editor living in Darwin, Northern Territory. His 2016 INSITE finalist script BORDERLINE is currently in pre-production with a production company in the US, fully financed and shooting later this year. Philip has optioned several feature film screenplays both in Australia and in the US and is part of the AWG Pathways program for emerging screenwriters. Philip currently has a number of feature film and television projects in development and has won several accolades for his scripts. Philip is represented by Elevate Entertainment in the US.

Charles Darwin University Business School

360 mins