Special Guests Sunday 17 September

Our Voice, Our Heart


Voice to Parliament documentary underway in NT | ScreenHub Australia - Film  & Television Jobs, News, Reviews & Screen Industry Data

L-R Jaxon De Santis, Laurens Goud, and Justin Grant


Laurens Goud

Laurens Goud is the Founder of Trade Creative Media, and is an experienced producer, director, documentary filmmaker and screen storyteller who moved to Darwin in 2022, to expand the creative agency’s production reach and capacity.


Jaxon De Santis

Jaxon De Santis is 31-year-old salt water Tiwi man, born in Darwin, who is a national touring musician and songwriter. Having grown up in many communities from Groote Eyente, Yirrkala, Pirlangimpi and Darwin, Jaxon has many perspectives on culture and what it means to be a First Nations person.


Justin Grant

Justin Grant is 33-year-old Warlpiri/Jawoyn man who is an actor, writer, producer, and film director. Justin was born in Katherine, in the Northern Territory, and grew up listening to Elders share their Dreamtime stories. They instilled a belief that a story is a gift that must be honoured and respected as part of a life journey. Now Justin works as a storyteller for film and television.