Sundown Screen at the Darwin Waterfront

Free screening every night at 7pm

Come down at 7pm for a fully free program of films.  Click below for more information:

All the free screenings are suitable for all ages* -  but some are not aimed at children. 

Franklin has an MA15+ rating due to language, but the filmmakers have beeped out the swearwords.

Second sessions go 'Silent Disco' style

Come down for the late sessions where you get funky 'silent disco' style headphones. The late sessions are an eclectic mix of film premieres and Classic Australiana.

You'll need id as a deposit for the headphones. Headphones will be disinfected with alcohol spray and cleaned between screenings.

Deluxe Catered Seating

Each night a different restaurant from the Darwin Waterfront will be serving a set menu to the deluxe catered seating!

Book the exclusive loungers and your food will be delivered to you just in time to enjoy the movie.

For more information or to buy the deluxe catered tickets please head over to the Darwin Waterfront Website


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